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•Moulds for technical products
  Tanks, curves, ducts, aesthetical components

We are specialized in the production of blow moulds, extrusion blow moulds for technical products.
We design and produce moulds for different areas:

- Automotive: containers, tanks, air ducts, pipes.
- Household appliances: tanks, pipes.
- Agriculture: tanks, aesthetical components
- Other areas: chairs, clothes hanger, etc.

Our high speed CNC machines can produce high precision moulds and equipment, from the simplest to the most complex shapes.
We pay attention especially to the aesthetical finishes (photogravure, sandblasting, etc.) and to the separation lines in order to get high aesthetical quality products.

Technologic integration

We can integrate technologies, such as:

- In-Mold Labelling IML
- Cutting moulds
- Movements of parts with undercuts
- Unscrewing moulds
- Needle blowing
- Manual and robot insert of metal or plastic components

and project
•Moulds and drawings
•Moulds production