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•Design and projects
  Our design department is in a position to develop your products positively, dynamically and skilfully, thus accelerating the time-to-market, from designing to marketing.
We develop the entire design and engineering phase, from the simples to the most complex one.

Our Technical Department develops the projects by means of CATIA V5, which means guarantee of efficiency and optimization of the projects for moulds and auxiliary equipment.
Our technicians and designers, who own their specific experiences, are constantly trained to the use of an advanced computer technology for the mechanical design and production.
The results are nothing but innovative solutions that make the collaboration with our company extremely proficuous and interesting.

We can deal with entire projects by means of our technical equipment and our skills for the production of thousands of blowing moulds:
from the design of the blown piece to the final shape, accessories included.

Of course the products will be designed according to your specification.
Alternatively, our experience and our knowledge in this area enable us to develop the projects without your instructions.

Our 3D design gives us the opportunity to systematically monitor and update
the necessary changes for the moulds
and the auxiliary equipment.
and project
•Moulds and drawings
•Moulds production