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Your moulds and your equipments must be efficient 24 hours a day.
For this reason our maintenance department is ready to support you.

Five reasons to recommend Soffiostamp

We offer:
- maintenance,
- repairs,
- changes,
- planned maintenance,
- adaptations to blow moulding machines.

This service is available for all the moulds and the components, even if not produced by Soffiostamp.
Our maintenance department is available for repairs and planned maintenance. In case of special needs we can intervene very quickly in order to allow you to restart your production.

Rapidity and efficiency even in your plant.

Breakdowns and malfunctions happen at any time. Our service team can carry out tests in your plant and decide on the actions to take together with your technicians.

If you have problems with a mould or the equipment we can also check the production cycle. After analysing the problem, we will suggest you the changes necessary to solve it.

Our expertise in blowing machines gives us the opportunity to determine the necessary changes to adapt moulds and accessories to the use on another machine.

and projects
•Moulds and drawings
•Moulds production